SMALL VINYL - 5" & 7"

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AGE OF COLLAPSE - DETERIORATE 7" - Heavy heavy heavy d-beat hardcore from the US! - £2

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED / TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION 7" - Undoubtedly one of the finest chuggers Agoraphobic Nosebleed has ever done. Hull's muscular riffage crushes all in its path, as Randall's intoxicated rampage veers from sarcastic to distraught often within the space of a single line. TFD is about hysterical guitar waves buzzing around above a wonderfully demented bassline, hinting at Hoak's appreciation for free grind jazz. - £4.50

ARCHAGATHUS / PAUCITIES 7" - Total grinding mincecore hell from Canada and Chicago - £3

ART OF BURNING WATER / NERVOUS MOTHERS 7" - Nervous Mothers are actually four Belgian dudes that have served time in a number of other very fine bands. They unleash some severely harsh riffing that has some blasting, emo-violence tinged, near-grind drumming that often stick-shifts into downtuned sludge action by way of Coalesce-esque walls of atonal noise slabs. Art Of Burning Water continue their mission to annoy all and sundry with their slightly faster take on their usual off-kilter noise-rock with definite hardcore leanings, like a sped up Keelhaul partying with Motorhead. A brutal slow-burner this time round. - £4

ART OF BURNING WATER / NOTHING CLEAN 7" - Raging messed up powerviolence thrash from Leicester does battle with the long-running London mangled hardcore punkers (who also do a Negative Approach cover). - £4

ART OF BURNING WATER / FAMINE 7" - Leeds versus London on this split, with killer grinding powerviolence battling war-hardened mangled hardcore. - £4

BEARTRAP - STOUGHTON FOREVER 7" - unrelenting fast-core from Boston. Face-ripping HC with violent buzzing riffs, pummelling drum insanity & utterly pissed off vocals. Fast, fierce & intense. - £3

BEG - ST 7" - The second release by the UK-based grind supergroup, made up of the drummer from The Afternoon Gentlemen and the guitarist from Art Of Burning Water. It sounds like the ideal mix of those two bands: fast as all hell but with plenty of jagged, offbeat, jabbing riffs, this time overlaid with an almost shoegaze-ish wash of noise. Twisted and complicated but with tons of driving fury that brings to mind both the old and new skools with elements of the genuine artfulness of Discordance Axis and the human looseness of Brutal Truth say - £4

CHEPANG - LATHI CHARGE 7" - Pulverizing “Immigrindcore” from Nepali immigrants now living in the US. Chepang’s name is taken from the lowest caste in their native country, a formerly nomadic people who have been neglected and derided by their people and government. Their first missive, Lathi Charge, which actually translates to the brute force used by riot police to disperse crowds, unleashes the raw fury and disdain of a people suffering centuries of neglect & oppression. - £4

CLOUD RAT / CREVASSE 7" - Amazing powerful grindcore from Michigan USA vs brutal German powerviolence punks - £2.50

COMMUNITY 7" - great raw passionate HC punk from Sheffield pal - £2

CROWS / BEAST AS GOD 7" - Crows from Ireland do a massive heavy HC punk thing ala HHIG while B.A.G from Nottingham (featuring dudes from Moloch, Dead in the Woods, Bloody Head, etc) have the metallic 90s HC/metal vibe going along the lines of Disembodied, Ira, Unruh - £3

DISGUISE - SYSTEM SHOCK 7" - Debut 7" from Disguise, with 7 blistering tracks of Japanese influenced hardcore punk, for fans of Execute, Bastard and Kuro. - £3

DISPENSE - Nothing but The Truth 7" - pre-Victims & Skitsystem band with six songs that were originally released in 1994 on Finn Records. Of course, you can expect brutal riffing Scandicrust at its best here, like first DISFEAR and the likes. Throat cutting hardcore with vicious bass lines and rampaging drums, all nailed by ferocious vocals. Great one! - £2

DREDGED / TRS 7" - dark and brutal metallic HC from Finland - £3

DRUG CONTROL – ST 7″ - San Diego straight edge HC ala Agnostic Front, Warzone, SSD, YOT - £4

DRUG CONTROL - STABBED 7" - San Diego straight edge back on the map. DC’s songs and lyrics are straight to the point and in your face, influenced by acts such as Agnostic Front, Warzone, SSD, and Youth of Today. After a great demo tape on Criminal Rights records and a debut 7″ on STRAIGHT & ALERT recs and COINTOSS recs, they now have a new record on STRAIGHT & ALERT and legendary NEW AGE records.- £4

ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS - FEAR, IGNORANCE, CONTROL 7" - raw, angry UKHC punk - ex Heresy, Hard to Swallow, AOFR - £2

ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS - ST 7" - Two new tracks from EGS, and the first recordings as a 3-piece. While writing the second EGS LP, these songs stood out from the rest of the material. A bit of a different sound to the other EGS stuff, with a bit of a 'burning spirits' feel. Sick artwork by Jerry Price. 500 copies on white vinyl.- £4

ENDLESS SWARM / PAVEL CHEKOV 7" - awesome grinding powerviolence from Scotland and USA - banger - £3

EUTH / CLOSET WITCH 7" - Insane techy, mathy metal/hardcore split from two of the most exciting bands around.This bomb provides a ridiculously intense sonic experience and will definitely hit the spot for all of you demanding chaotic metal/hardcore hybrids. - £5

FILTH X COLLINS / SKINLOVER 7" - Loud, fast and ugly grinding HC from these 2 UK bands. - £3

FISSURE / FINAL DRAFT 7" - super pissed off powerviolence / hc split. Raging - £4

FISTULA - IGNORANT WEAPON 7" - Filthy horrible sludge - including Fang & Antiseen covers - £4

THE FLEX - DO YA THINK I'M FLEXI ? 7" FLEXI - Flexual Healing Vol. 5 is here at last and is a red flexi! Two belters - The Cull & Macho Jock Hardcore - £4

FORGED - ST 7" - 17 new tracks of pure west coast powerviolence. Brutal - £4

FUCKING INVINCIBLE / LIFESPITE 7" - Crushing new split from Providence's Fucking Invincible and Lifespite from the Netherlands. Picking up where they left off on "I Hate Myself and Want You to Die" F.I. contributes 5 new tracks which are some of their heaviest yet (Drop Dead members). Lifespite adds 3 tracks in the fast and brutal style you'd expect from their members who have spent time in Blind to Faith and Left for Dead -£4.50

GAS CHAMBER / D.O.C. 7" - GAS CHAMBER hails from Buffalo and draws influence from their former hardcore/power-violence project RUNNING FOR COVER, with chaotic blast parts as tight as ever, but also now bearing a more dynamic song structure overall with noise elements and slower melodic parts interlaced throughout. A truly unique form of hardcore made by genuine outsiders. D.O.C., on the flipside, play extremely heavy, downtuned, noisey grind-violence, no frills and no letting up ever until it's over. Hailing from Washington, DC and comprised of ex members of MAGRUDERGRIND - £4

GEIST / SUNLIGHTS BANE 7" - brutal dark / blackened HC split ffo - Cursed, Converge, Harrowed - £3

GODSTOPPER / TENDRIL 7" - GODSTOPPER feature members of COLUMN OF HEAVEN playing melodic stoner jams while TENDRIL is on the flipside with some grooving noise rock dirges - £2

GROAK / LUGUBRIOUS CHILDREN 7” - horrible DIY sludge vs fast grinding HC from Leeds - awesome split - £2

THE HAMMER – VERMIN 7″ - The Hammer is a 4 piece hardcore band from Gotenbörg, Sweden. Their first 7″ No Escape blew me away the very first time I listened to it, plus I became friend with them on tour so it was obvious if they had a new record coming out I had to put it out! They are now back with a new line up and a new 6 track 7″. If you are into The Flex, Right Brigade, Think I Care or 86 Mentality you HAVE TO check them out. - £4

HARROWED / ART OF BURNING WATER 7" - Harrowed is a power trio melding d-beat with the HC stylings of Cursed or Converge, with some nifty flourishes of powerviolence and doom in the mix for good measure. AOBW continue their mission with their usual off-kilter noise-rock with definite HC leanings, like a sped up Keelhaul partying with Motorhead. - £3

HOLLOW TONGUE - TIME/DEATH 7" - dark hardcore/grindcore band from Albuquerque, NM. Fast, loud, and heavy. - £2

HOLY MONEY - ZYGOTE 7" - Resurrected from the ashes of HATRED SURGE. HOLY MONEY deliver two doom sludge tracks in the vein of older Noothgrush, Dystopia and Burning witch. - £4

INFINITE VOID / MOTH 7" - Australia's Infinite Void and Denmark's Moth have recorded a track each for this split. Both songs are as strong as ever with the classic Infinite Void hooks, atmosphere and angelic vocal while Moth are armed with an artillery of synth and a real sense of urgency and power. - £3

INFINITE VOID / ARCTIC FLOWERS 7" - Melbourne post-punk favourites INFINITE VOID have teamed up with Portland, OR's gritty, dark-punk masters ARCTIC FLOWERS for a special split 7". - £3

KALI / ULTIMATE BLOWUP 7" - Kali from Canada with 8 songs, and Ultimate Blowup from Turkey with 6 songs. UxBx is without a doubt a grinding hardcore punk band in the vein of Infest, Rot and Denak, with a similar quality to them. - £3

LEFT CROSS - HELL IS HELL 7" - Left Cross has been consistently pummelling audiences across the Mid-Atlantic since early 2015, and we are proud to share with you their first vinyl offering: “Hell Is Hell.” With these three tracks of crushing death metal, this Richmond band both strips the genre down to its bones and still bring ripping solos, thunderous drumming, and engaging songs that prove Left Cross is as informed by Discharge as they are Repulsion - £4.50

LIFE OF REFUSAL - SURVIVAL IN NEGATIVE 7" - One of the most extreme powerviolence bands around - £4

MANGLE / FETUS CHRIST 7" - Brutal UK split. Heavy as fuck powerviolence vs volatile grinding crust - £4

MEDICINE NOOSE - ST 7" - down tuned punk rock in its vilest and simplest form. 90's-style sludge in the veins of GRIEF, NOOTHGRUSH and TOADLIQUOR. Musical regression caused by the omnipresent conditions of angst, despair, total self-loathing and the undeniable feeling of leading a life that is barely yours. - £4

MENTALLY CHALLENGED - DOCTORS LAWYERS COPS & PRIESTS 7" - menacing dissonant churning HC ffo Walls, Rorschach -£3

MOLOCH / DISROTTED 7" - heavy as hell, ugly doom /sludge - urrrggghhhhh. screened covers (red or black vinyl ) - £4.50

MRTEX / PEOPLE'S TEMPLE PROJECT 7" - Mrtex is ex Yaphet Kotto, Makara, Jenny Piccolo, & Anasazi! Swirling emo-violence with the noisy harshness of Makara. People's Temple Project is a time warp straight back to 1996 Ebullition and Mountain Records comps. - £2

NO FAITH - DEAD WEIGHT 7” - Eight tracks of searing, noise-filled hardcore / power violence. For fans of old-school Suppression. - Ex Orchid etc - £4

NOTHING CLEAN / HIGGS BOSON 7" - Nothing Clean are straight out of Leicester in the middle bit of the Shittish Isles, and make blisteringly fast, quasi-grind powerviolence stuff that is constantly on the verge of collapsing into total and utter chaos. Rage and fury positively vents from their spleens. Members have served time in bands like Hangover Heartattack, Meatpacker and Mangle. Higgs Boson are straight out of Oslo in Norway and make reprehensible, barely comprehensible powerviolence as well, with a tighter, catchier fastcore feel to it. Melodic yet real nasty with it. -£4

NOTHING CLEAN / ONA SNOP 7" - great split of messed up UK powerviolence - £4

NOTHING CLEAN / ART OF BURNING WATER 7" - Raging messed up powerviolence thrash from Leicester does battle with the long-running London mangled hardcore punkers (who also do a Negative Approach cover). - £4

NUCLEAR CULT - internal aggressor 7" - Thrash vetarans, who have been in SM70, Pink Flamingos and Y, amongst many other bands before, deliver some ferocious highspeed hardcore with a gloomy twist. For fans of Septic Death, Heresy, Outo etc.! - £3

ONA SNOP / CHINSNIFFER 7" - Mayhem from Liverpool and Leeds respectfully. Fast HC punk noisey boshers - £4

OVERBITE - ST 7" - Massive. Ferociously disciplined playing leads way to hypnotic primitivism. A barrage of noise and feedback, but not without hooks. This is despondent frustrated hardcore, the sound of Irish ghost estates, and while the middle of this record is quite a fast affair, opener "Awake", and closer "Blown Out" are a gloomier almost post-punk pair. While I'm at it, the recording is INSANE. Check out the bass sound on "Blown Out"'s intro. Couldn't recommend this enough. Ireland's best. Fans of bands like Raw Nerve or The Lowest Form wouldn't go amiss - £4

PREGNANCY - DEMO 7" - Bowel churning mongo goregrind from Melbourne Australia. Rancid layers of feculent down tuned riff filth. Their 2013 demo finally released on vinyl. Members of Internal Rot, Doubled Over, Roskopp, Contaminated, etc. - £4.50

ROT IN HELL - TERMINI TERRAE 7" - UK Holy Terrorists ROT IN HELL return with a brand new four-track EP released on the resurrected/legendary Dark Empire Records. The first recordings featuring new vocalist Lecky (of UKHC legends VOORHEES fame) on the mic, the band continues on it's path of pure viciousness. - £3

SATANS SATYRS / OHMWAR 7" - SS hit us with a raw, heavy doom punk version of Flag's most Sabbath moment ever - Modern Man. Omwar give us "Snake", the opening number from the recently-released Live tape. it's a raging slice of almost noise-rock infused garage punk, following up with just about my favourite song of all time, NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. Perfection! - £6

SAVAGE / MPG 7" - Awesome Grindcore / powerviolence split between MPG from Pomona (USA) and Savage from Seattle (USA). - £4

SCREAMING BRAIN / UP YOUR BUCKET 7" - SB = off kilter SST style punk. UYB = ex KILSLUG! drugged up dirge punk - £1

SERVITUDE 7" - savage dual vocal HC/ crust - from 1997 - £2

SETE STAR SEPT / ANXIETY DISORDER 7" - SSS unleash yet another slab of joyous world-ending noisecore, while Belgium's AD blast out some blisteringly fast grind.- £2

SICK TIRED / NAKAY 7" - Two titans of Midwest grind- and power-violence finally paired together on the same 7". Each band delivers their own distinct brand of blazing fast grind that is sure to sonically destroy your eardrums, for better or for worse. NAK'AY hails from Ft. Wayne, IN and SICK/TIRED from Chicago. - £5

SKYLARK / MEADOWS 7" - Sky:Lark! are a power trio making a healthy post-hardcore racket, like Shotmaker, Fugazi, Karp and the like. Heavy, twisty, weird song structures and riffing, all topped off with layers of angst. Meadows combine the slow with the fast to create a riffstorm of hardcore-tinged stoner rock that is catchy, heavy and very good for you. - £2

SLAVE HANDS - LOSS 7" - Gnarly noise rocking sludge shit from Finland! - £3

SOIL OF IGNORANCE / ENDLESS DEMISE 7" - Total whirlwind avalanche mayhemic destruction! ENDLESS DEMISE hits you straight in the forehead with a barrage of relentless true, genuine grindcore, old school L.A. style, featuring past and present members of EXCRUCIATING TERROR & NAUSEA L.A. ... Quebec's own bastard squad SOIL OF IGNORANCE spews forth a mix of weird power violence, disconcerting samples and grinding death metal - £2

SPLITTING HEADACHE 7" - Great thrashing HC punk - ex Tear it Up, Dead Nation - £2

SUCCUMB - PUNISHMENT 7" - Massachusetts' Succumb plays fast grindcore, similar to Assuck. Some of them have been in other bands you may have heard of such as Orchid, Vaccine, Bucket Full Of Teeth, Ampere, Death Evocation, The Cancer Kids and No Faith. - £4

SU19B - DEMO 7" - Crushing Power violence / sludge from Japan. Reissue of their old demo tape from 1997. Ten songs of brutality including Crossed Out cover.- £4

SUFFERING MIND / DEADCHURCH 5" - Polish Grindcore institution SUFFERING MIND teams up on this split with Detroit's Death-Grinding Violence crew DEAD CHURCH. 2 short, fast as fuck and loud as hell blasting tunes you shouldn't miss!! 5" EP on blue wax in a "gatefold" sleeve! - £3

UNDERDARK / ANTRE 7" - black metal / screamo vs raw black metal from Nottingham. 2 great UK bands.- £4

VEGAS / LONG GONE 7" - Two bands and four songs of twisted metallic hardcore /metalpunk from obscure multinational entity VEGAS (also known as VVEGAS) and Finnish heavy hitters LONG GONE - £5

WASTE AWAY 7" - Precision power-violence from Vancouver with a visceral ferocity akin to CROSSED OUT (while completely avoiding the cliche of being a stale contemporary clone). Low-end unrelenting blasts and mean sludgy slows the whole way through. This 7" is a perfect followup to their punishing demo from 2013. WASTE AWAY contains members of AHNA and SIX BREW BANTHA. - £4

the YAH MOS - RIGHT ON 7” - messy noisy HC punk with that DC sound. FFO Nation of Ulysses etc - £2