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AUREOLE OF ASH - HUMAN BANKRUPCY TAPE - raging grindcore / powerviolence beast bringing the blastbeats and fierce mosh parts. members of resurrectionists and svffer with their first songs. - £2

BAXTER STOCKMAN / HEBOSAGIL / THROAT: EASTER 2016 TOUR SPLIT TAPE -Limited leftover copies from the Turku-Helsinki-Tallinn easter tour 2016 of the Big 3 of Finnish noise rock: Baxter Stockman, Hebosagil and Throat. All bands present one exclusive track on this split tape. Professionally duplicated yellow tape with sticker labels and full colour j-card. Limited edition of 150 copies. - £3

BLOODY HEAD - FAILED EXPERIMENTS IN KINDNESS TAPE - 8 tracks in about 30 mins of raw power/broken brain blues/punk - MEMBERS OF ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS, MOLOCH, AOFR - £4

BLOODY HEAD - JULY 16 TAPE - 8 tracks in about 30 mins of raw power/broken brain blues/punk - MEMBERS OF ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS, MOLOCH, AOFR - £4

DISROTTED - COLLECTION TAPE - contains material from Self titled LP, Split 7" with Anarchus and split 7" with Bogrot and Demo I cassette material. CHICAGO DOOOOOOOM - £4

DISROTTED / SU19B TAPE - Disrotted: Doom / Sludge from Chicago, just one song that's nearly half an hour long. Su19b: Tokyo sludgeviolence legends - £4

DREDGED - LIFE DESOLATES ME TAPE - 4 songs of bittered, dark hardcore including a cover from mighty IRONSIDE. - £2

EXCRUCIATING TERROR - LEGACY OF TERROR SESSIONS TAPE- infernal brutal old school grindcore, recorded in February '91 in the following lineup Javier Arqueros - Bass (later in NAUSEA L.A.) Martin Alvarado - Drums (later in DESPISE YOU, STAPLED SHUT), Raul Caballero - Guitar, Jerry Flores - Guitar (later in DESPISE YOU, BLOODY PHOENIX) and vocals from Victor Garcia. - £4

INFERNAL COIL -BURNING PRAYER OF INFINITE HATRED TAPE - US black death metal pure unhinged grinding sonic punishment . Ex Dead in the Dirt - Killer £5

LANGUISH - EXTINCTION TAPE - The massiveness of doom, the misanthropy and blood-lust of death metal and metallic hardcore. The songs reverberate with both the crushing doom and the harsh barb of grindcore, all held fast with hardcore furiosity - £2

LEFT CROSS - SERVANTS OF HELL TAPE - Calling to mind the trudge of Bolt Thrower and the manic fury of Grave, Left Cross’ latest effort Servants of Death drags the listener into the trenches and informs them that they have two choices: “Kill Or Be Killed.” Tight yet massive-sounding drums lead the charge before filthy bass and guitar tones flank your ears, immersing you in the brutality of combat. Un-muddled guttural vocals guide the listener through the horrors they must confront on the front line, while frantic guitar solos whizz past like stray bullets. Steel yourself — Servants of Death is no-frills, punishing death metal that’s meant to destroy. - £4

LOW LIFE - SOUL SALVATION TAPE - Blunt force trauma seething HC punk from New Jersey. Pissed off and brutal - £1

METH DRINKER / MOLOCH TAPE - The ugliest sludge split you will hear. Urrrrggggghhhhh £4

METH DRINKER - OIL TAPE - absolute horrid filth from these Kiwi sludge punks - £4

MIDNIGHT PARASITE - DEMO TAPE - New Norwich (UK) metally punk band going for something along the lines of Amebix, Sacrilege, Deviated Instinct, Hellhammer and Antisect. Features members of Jackals and Sonic Order! - £1

MORTIFY - DEMO 2017 TAPE - Hailing from Japan MORTIFY bring you 5 track in under 3 minutes of sick, repulsive death/grind! Featuring current & ex members of COFFINS, SICK/TIRED, DISROTTED & SU19b..! - £4

MYCELIUM : Volume I TAPE - primal and depressive one man black metal. Bleak and peppered with noise. - £1

SAVAGE REALM - NOCTURNAL SAVAGERY TAPE - Downtuned to hell sludgy metallic hardcore filth from Lich and Art Of Burning Water members. Think Enewetak, Cattle Press, Unruh and Dystopia. - £3

SEMPITERNAL DUSK / ENCOFFINATION TAPE - A Monument to the Abyss of Death' spews forth a new and exclusive epic track from each band. ENCOFFINATION offer up a totally miserable dirge with 'Cemetery Earth', their first recording since their 2014 full length 'Hear me, O death'. SEMPITERNAL DUSK give us 'A Salacious Desire for Nothingness' their first recording since their 2014 debut self titled full length and first recording with guitarist VB(Anhedonist/Weregoat). 1 track each side with a total playing time of 30 minutes. - £4

SICK TIRED / SEA OF SHIT TAPE - Two monsters of the midway team up as Chicago's beefiest power-violence bands combine on this full-length LP, with a 12-song blast attack from SICK/TIRED and 9 pulverizing tracks from SEA OF SHIT - £4

SU19B - NEUTRALIZE TAPE - Debut full length from japanese blackened death grind noise maniacs! Now on tape - £4

SU19B / GROAK TAPE - Great UK sludge punks vs harsh Japanese sludge violence - £4

WARSORE - VIOLENT SWING DISCOGRAPHY TAPE - Ultra harsh amazing Australian grindcore - £4

ROT IN HELL - RUINED EMPIRE CD - Outside of their previous LPs released on A389 Records, Magic Bullet Records, and Deathwish, ROT IN HELL has released a barrage of 7? splits and EPs with some being limited to only a handful of copies. Ruined Empire is the follow-up to the first collection Hallways Of The Always (A389 Records) in compiling all of their singles since and also the final recordings with their original singer. - £4

ROT IN HELL - HALLWAYS OF THE ALWAYS CD - Raw and furious holy terror style hardcore from the UK. Sonically combining the best elements of Integrity's 'Systems Overload' LP crossed with Ringworm 'The Promise' LP, ROT IN HELL deliver 12 raw and furious tracks of Holy Terror inspired hardcore. 'Hallways of The Always' compiles all of this UK"s pre-Deathwish material. - £4

ROT IN HELL - AS PEARLS BEFORE SWINE CD - raw and unrelenting UK punk/hardcore band. They epitomize the "Holy Terror" Cleveland spawned sound, popularized by bands like Integrity and Ringworm - £4