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-------10 inches-------

SALIGIA - THE NEW INNOCENCE 10" - Holy moly this is the new SALIGIA record from Lars, Jojo and the gang over in Germany. Includes members of Republic Of Dreams, The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, Lentic Waters and Resurrectionists. This particular band plays extremely devastating emo-violence with strong grind tendencies. Amazing 10". - £6

SLAVE HANDS / CICUTOXIN 10" - absolutely filthy and crushing sludge punk split. 2 great Finnish bands. - £5

------- LPs & Double LPs --------

ABSTRACTER / DARK CIRCLES LP - Dark Circles (canada) vs Abstracter (us). BRUTALITY -hc/crust from the north vs death doom from the west - £7

AGOWILT - CLOCKS MADE OF THEIR OWN BONES LP - Anarcho black metal from California with elements of crust, sludge and doom. - £7

AMERICAN - VIOLATE & CONTROL LP - ten wretched tracks of astonishing sonic abuse that knows no end. With their own brand of crazed, sadistic, and raw industrial black metal american have reached a new zenith in musical depravity. A work of absolutely magnificent sonic abhorrence that coerces together the abyssal darkness of black metal bands like Leviathan and Ash Borer, the earth-shaking noise abuse of Prurient, Bastard Noise and The Body, and the glacial magnificence of blackened noise sound sculptors like Sutekh Hexen and Locrian - £11

AMPS FOR CHRIST / FAILINGS LP - Amps For Christ began as a solo endeavor after Barnes left Man Is The Bastard as their guitar noise and prepared chord organ player, in early 96. Keeping a hardcore influence but mixing it with traditional British Isles / Appalachian folk, A4C has had from as few as one to as many as eight participants at any given time. Eclectic bizarre stuff. Failings from Portland make intense droning noise, with a bit of an Earth "2" guitar wash going on.-£7

AMYGDALA - POPULATION CONTROL LP - Debut LP from Amygdala - an unbelievably passionate punk / hardcore band from San Antonio, TX. Ten blistering tracks that touch on subjects such as child sexual abuse, patriarchy, inner misogyny and colorism. Not for the faint of heart. - £8

ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO - TORCHES ABLAZE LP -If you’re a fan of Finland’s Circle and/or their various offshoots then you know all about the NWOFHM (New Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal), the invented sub-genre self-classification that many of those bands embrace, as a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way of incorporating various heavy metal signifiers that they’re fans of, into their sound and image. Although even at their most “NWOFHM”, Circle, Pharaoh Overlord and the rest still usually come across more proggy and poppy and WTF? than actually metal in most cases. But this new NWOFHM unit, a project of Circle mainman Jussi Lehthisalo and his pal Samae Koskinen (a live member of Finnish grind freaks Xysma), is definitely (in our authoritative opinion!) a real metal band. A weird one perhaps, when you read the lyrics and look at the artwork, but metal first and foremost. - £9

AUSSITOT MORT - NAGYKANIZSA LP - epic and tense sounding screamo tinged post hardcore - £9

BACKSLIDER - MOTHERFUCKER LP - Finally, a sonic eruption of full length brutality from Philadelphia's Backslider. Encapsulating the last 15 years of extreme musical devastation in one album, Backslider has drawn on their influences and expanded their doom-laden attack to unleash a hell storm of massive musical terror. Combining the blasting mayhem of early power violence (think Man Is The Bastard and Crossed Out) with the bludgeoning power doom of Eyehategod, Backslider have laid down a monument to lay waste to the current extreme music scene. - £7

BASTARD NOISE / BLOODRED BACTERIA LP - More a collaboration than split, both bands share one track with a cross-over-fade in the middle to switch from BB to BN. Hardcore grind melts with massive skull electronics. - £9

BASTARD NOISE / CSMD LP - Both bands deliver incredible psychedelic sounds. Both with their typical artistical trademarks just perfected and as pure as it can get. -BASTARD NOISE do one long epic space journey with some nasty vox and power electronix violence!! -CSMD: play psychotronic cosmic noisecore/grindnoise with space drones and a couple of crazy B-movie tunes!! Do not listen to it when you're sober! - £9

BAXTER STOCKMAN - PUNTER LP - Grotty noise rock scuzz - The guitar parts crawl and lurk, reminiscent of the Jesus Lizard or some of the snakier, more aggro moments presented by bands like Crain, Rodan or the Shipping News while anchorage is provided by glutinous lumps of bass gloop that slide and slump ominously in the background. The singer – often the pivotal point for any convincing noise rock act – sounds typically bonkers - £8

BIRDS IN ROW - COLLECTED LP - hardcore punk with an utterly anthemic vibe. Vocals seethe with realness while a burly rhythm section pounds out a bulletproof, mid-tempo foundation worthy of Young Widows or Sweet Cobra. Much like Ghostlimb, Birds In Row convey lifetimes’ worth of emotion without ever sounding weak - £8

BIRUSHANAH - MAKYO 2LP - Hailing from Japan, Birushanah work somewhere between doom and post-hardcore, using a guitar / voice / drums framework augmented by trash percussion sounds. They spin song lengths out to a dizzying extent and somehow intermingle a recognisably traditional, tribal bent to the melodies and progressions without sounding like complete and utter novelty prog nonsense. A unique, special band - £15

BODEN - ST LP - dark & moody stuff from Stuttgart / Germany. It's an anthemic mix of hardcore, postmetal and shoegaze. This one comes on a one sided LP w/ silk-screen printing on the B-Side. Comes with lyric poster and on rough and heavy cardboard - £5

BODY VOID - I LIVE INSIDE A BURNING HOUSE 2LP - Intense cathartic and heavy as shit doom sludge from San Francisco - £16

BONG - BETHMOORA 2LP - a mammoth hard-hitting affair. Sparse, primitive and meditative, the first two of three journeys consume a side of wax each. The remainder is a vast building interpretation of Pink Floyd's "Set Your Controls..." the like of which has never been heard before! - £16

BREAG NAOFA - II LP - Breag Naofa bring a crushing sophomore LP. think NORTHLESS, PRIMITIVE MAN, et al with nods to hardcore and post black metal/post metal. Crushing from start to finish. - £9

BROKEN WATER - WROUGHT, 45S, AND SEASIDE 2009-2015 2LP - A follow up to 2012's widely-praised Tempest, Olympia, Washington favorites BROKEN WATER’s new album was recorded and mixed with STEVE FISK (Nirvana, Soundgarden) and features a mix of noisy, fuzzed-out guitars and melodic vocals. Features a guest appearance from LORI GOLDSTON (EARTH) on cello - £15

BRUTAL BLUES – BB LP - Crazed, complex grind feat members of Noxagt - £9

BUZZOVEN - THE GOSPEL ACCORDING II LP- A reissue of the classic 1997 The Gospel According... II LP from BUZZOVEN. Limited edition pressing of 500 copies on "Dookie Brown" vinyl - SLUDGE - £10

CLOCKED OUT - ST LP - bursting with energy, tightness and attitude. They regularly garner comparisons to Clevo-style US hardcore like H100s and 9 Shocks Terror. Brutal, throat-wrecked vocals howling over high-charge, riff-tastic hardcore punk, with just the right amounts of mid-tempo rocking and just the right flashes of guitar lead. - £8

CLOUD RAT - QLIPHOTH LP - The Rat is back with 17! new tracks between heavy hardcore and furious grind attacks. Qliphoth serves up chaotic, artful grindy chunks that are nigh impossible to ignore. - £9

CLOUD RAT / DISROTTED LP - Great split by 2 of the best bands going.Cloud Rat go looooong on this as do Disrotted. Great triple gatefold - £11

COUNCIL OF RATS - COARSE LP - visceral and unapologetic Italian HC. Roughly 30min. - 11 songs, and a whole lot of pissed-off emotion - blasting, roaring shouts packed with a whirlwind of riffs - ripping - £7

COWARDS - STILL LP - Three tracks between thuggish sludge, unmoshable hardcore and knife-fighting black metal plus two life-crushing covers (The Police "Every Breath You Take" and The Horrorist "One Night In NYC") - £10

CRANIAL - DEAD ENDS LP - EX OMEGA MASSIF. two heavy, sludgy Postmetal songs, which continue, where Omega Massif stopped. An epic, very consistent and heavy atmosphere builds up and will be brigthened up by clear melodic guitar lines. The band manages to create a great build up of suspense so that the songs never become boring or monotonous. Forget about all modern trends and hypes. This is classic heavy Postmetal. Two song with a length of (each) over 9 minutes, don't create a feeling of an EP here. Other bands release albums with a shorter duration. The songs were recorded under the control of Tobias Anderko at the Blank Disc Studios. Mix and Master by Postmetal-God Roland / Tonmeisterei. The Vinyl version has a screenprinted B-Side and the logo punched in the cover! - £9

CREVASSE LP - Four friends from the netherlands and germany who knew each other from their previous bands like Finisterre, Landverraad, Lawine and Leechfeast met up to creat a new ferocious project. After their demo this is their first output on vinyl. Expect six loud, fast and angry songs that somehow hard to place in the right box. If you like Dbeat and chaotic fast hardcore and you are fed up with daily life, patriarchy and the world as a whole, you should definetly check this out. - £9

CULT OF OCCULT / GRIM VAN DOOM LP - Huge doom metal split. One massive song from COO while GVD smash you in the face with harsh sludge - £10

DEPHOSPHORUS & HAAPOJA - COLLABORATION LP - A nine song, discordantly brutal masterpiece that explores the more tortured, emotional and existential side of the contemporary extreme underground. But don't worry, it still totally grinds and pummels (and there's even a slow jam for grandma!) - £8

DEPHOSPHORUS - NIGHT SKY TRANSFORM LP - Dephosphorous toss elements of grindcore, black metal, hardcore and even a little sludge into a blender and mix up a rather heady cocktail. And make ASTROGRIND - £8

DEPHOSPHORUS-RAVENOUS SOLEMNITY 2LP - At one with the cosmos and blast-beats. Throats howling for the constellations. Scrappy riffs kicked up from the dust of a dying star. Calling out Mother Nature. Shredding the extreme and the cosmic into a heavy and metaphysical haze. Endorsing the cosmic, the mind expanding, the ancient… astrogrind. - £13

DIPLOID - IS GOD UP THERE? LP - Melbourne’s Diploid fuse elements of screamo, black metal, noise rock, and powerviolence to create caustic new forms of sonic violence. Their experimental approach sears the psyche with bursts of swirling blackened noise, crackling feedback, and distorted screams. Heavy stuff! - £9

DISROTTED / IRN LP - Chicago's DISROTTED and Toronto's IRN come together in a eucharist of black putrefaction, delivering 2 feedback-laden doom missives over a 37 minute period. - £10

EKRANOPLAN - HYPNOPÆDIA LP -Ekranoplan from Jena, Germany with members of Hungry Lungs & doom giants AHAB unleash their new full-lenght record. Nine songs of grindcore, d-beat and sludge filled with filth, hatred and low-fi energy. expect a bastard of icy sludge, raging crust and precise grindcore annihilation. The russian artist Rotten Fantom painted an outstanding artwork for the album. - £9

ENDLESS FLOODS - II LP - On this new offering, the French trio delves deeper into the realm of bleakness they established on their debut "Endless Floods", taking the listener into a trance-like contemplation through the 20+ minute-long monoliths "Impasse" and "Procession". In the same vein as their previous works, they blend their doom and sludge origins with noisier tones and crisper drones, following their own path through a never-ending land of heavy, boundary-free doom.- £10

FALL OF EFRAFA / DOWN TO AGONY LP - Originally released in 2007, this is the first repress/reissue of this classic split LP. FALL OF EFRAFA should be well known as they influenced hundreds of bands worldwide with their interpretation of modern Crust / HC ranging and mixing influences from Post Hardcore, and Metal. Their song on this split 'No longer human' is a twelve minute poetic epos and a classic. DOWN TO AGONY were a neocrust band from Zaragoza, playing fast, angry and melodic hardcore in the veins of EKKAIA and MADAME GERMAN. - £9

FANGE - PURGE LP - Uncompromising French unit combines harsh noise, crust and metallic hc with sludge & the classic Swedish death metal sound - £10

FANGE - POURRISSOIR LP - Sludge's grime, hardcore's aggression, Swedish death metal's buzzsaw grit (à la HM-2) and harsh noise converge on Fange's sophomore LP - £10

FINAL EXIT - SPREADING THE (S)HITS LP -Noise core with rock / metal / pop interludes from japan. active since the 90’s! six new studio songs and six live tracks from these crazy live performers. - £8

GEIST - DISREPAIR LP - Heavy, brutal and dark HC ffo Cursed, Nails etc - £8

GOD'S AMERICA -MERGE WITH THE INFINITE. WORTHLESS IN DEATH LP - GOD'S AMERICA burst out brutal power-violence /grindcore with slow parts. Influenced by the best bands of the genre Crossed Out, Infest, and Spazz. - £10

GODSTOPPER - WHAT MATTERS LP - Godstopper is a Toronto four-piece formed by Mike Simpson (Column of Heaven) playing an amalgamation of sludge and noise rock bringing to mind acts like Today is the Day, Khanate, and The Melvins without eschewing notions of melody or pop song structure. This album is heavy, creepy, and unlike just about anything else going on in DIY music today -£5

THE GUILT OF... LP - Collaboration between Mike Williams [EHG, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem] & Ryan McKern [Wolvhammer]. primitive industrial, noise and punk - £6

HANGMAN'S CHAIR - THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE POSITIVE LP - HANGMAN’S CHAIR from Paris is back this year with its fourth album, This is not supposed to be positive produced by Francis Caste. Over the years and the records, the band has gone beyond their early stoner/doom sound and now finds its own style with colder and simpler songs (still heavy though) and more melodic vocals with Cedric (singer/guitarist) fantastic voice that reminds us of the 90s downtempo hardcore bands like LIFE OF AGONY, ONLY LIVING WITNESS or SECTION 8. Of course, the main inspiration is ALICE IN CHAINS but we can hear some gothic metal touches like TYPE O’NEGATIVE or even THE CURE - £10

HANGMAN'S CHAIR / GREEN MACHNE LP - Paris sludgers HANGMAN'S CHAIR return in order to team up with Japanese stoner veterans GREENMACHINE for a split LP. The HANGMAN'S CHAIR presents two fresh songs with heavy guitar parts and melodic vocals, while GREENMACHINE offers one long track divided in multiple parts. - £10

HÄRDA UT - ST LP - HÄRDA UT is a fourpiece band from Gothenburg, Sweden who formed in late 2015. HÄRDA UT play a scathing and vicious style of female fronted noise damaged hardcore/punk. Musically, HÄRDA UT can be loosely compared to bands such as Wart Hog, Pregnancy Scares, Crazy Spirit, and other-like minded bands. - £10

HEADLESS KROSS – Projections I LP - a menacing album that embodies avant-garde invention and unstoppable aggressive creativity throughout. Envisaged as the first part of a trilogy, this new record sees HEADLESS KROSS heading toward further extremes - heavy bits are heavier, trance-y bits are tranc-ier, this is a band that has honed its sound to vicious effect. - £10

HEXER - COSMIC DOOM RITUAL LP - Three tracks and 34-minutes of cosmic doom metal was just what the doctor ordered. Hexer’s surprisingly tactful use of melody, nuance and feel drifts beneath cataclysmic slabs of sludge and doom, creating an intriguing sonic landscape that retains the listener’s interest for the majority. - £9

HOLY MONEY - THE LANGUAGE MACHINE LP - Holy Money’s The Language Machine is a sonically and conceptually heavy monolith that defies the “sludge” and “stoner” monikers lazily attached to most slow, metallic bands. Realistically, Holy Money play death metal , but with rhythmic and hypnotic songwriting that borders on psychedelia instead of violence, gore, or aggression. To be sure, this album is brutal – but more like a J.G. Ballard novel than a Bolt Thrower record. Six tracks contemplating human consciousness and communication over 46 minutes. Strongly recommended for enthusiasts of Corrupted, Bastard Noise, and DMT. - £10

HOPE DRONE - ST LP - from Brisbane/Australia and play some kind of modern black metal, which is anywhere between Deafheaven an Ash Borer. Straying away from the saccharine post-whatever trending the genre today, Hope Drone’s self-titled achieves in marrying the existential, woe-filled black metal vertebrae with an interesting interpretation of what some elitists might refer to as a desecration of the genre - though there is no such desecration here. - £9

HORDERS - FIMBULVETR LP - dark.heavy.beautiful.bleak. - amazing artwork by Give UP - Holy terror approved drone/noise/metal/lonerfolk - £1

HUATA - ATAVIST OF MAN 2LP - Huge psycadelic occult doom from France - members of Fange. - £14

INFANTICIDE - MISCONCEPTION OF HOPE LP - INFANTICIDE is back to add another gem to the Swedish Grindcore crown. Misconception Of Hope is 18 minutes of pure savage grindcore. The patented Entombed buzz-saw guitar tone is there, with d-beat and blast-beats keeping the pace on the back end. - £8


KYREST - FRACTURES LP - Brutal ! Modern HC mixed with dark crust! Influences of Cursed, Trainwreck or Perth Express can be heard. All records comes with a download code and a beautiful 12-page booklet. - £9

LEECHFEAST - NEON CROSSES LP - The new record from Slovenian doom quartet, Leechfeast. This is their second full length release, and their first new material since their split EP with fellow filth-peddlers, Meth Drinker. - £9

LEDGE - YEAR ONE LP - Crushing doom / sludge project from John Hoffman (formally Weekend Nachos, Spine) - featuring the long sold out demo (originally released on cassette by Bad Teeth Recordings ltd to 100) and a crushing track from the split with Chicago dooooooomers Disrotted. CLEAR or BLACK VINYL - £10

LEGION OF ANDROMEDA – IRON SCORN LP - Diabolical in its minimalist approach, the new album from Tokyo-based duo Legion Of Andromeda wormed its way deep into our brain upon first hearing it, unleashing a grinding nightmare of violent, industrial doomdeath rooted in a barbaric simplicity, moving in endlessly cyclical percussive patterns. - £14

LIGHT BEARER / NORTHLESS LP - NORTHLESS’ two songs are thick as granite, but underneath the epic basslines exists an ethereal spirit. They were able to harness their power into something full of changes, but at the same time, that has a constant feeling of upliftment in a downtuned sort of way. When you have their song “For As Long As You Walk The Earth Your Blood Will Reek Of Failure” blast in your room, you will get where I’m coming from! LIGHT BEARER created a mammoth 22 minute composition entitled “Celestium” for this split and it’s fucking all that and a spaceship ride. Listening to this song is a transcendental voyage in a solar system of it’s own. I suggest you play this song over and over, and with each play another storyline will be revealed - £10

MANSION - WE SHALL LIVE LP - The sold out, sought for and self- released debut of the Finnish cult rockers Mansion. The doom metal influence is thoroughly present albeit combined with a sort of psychedelic, atmospheric or even Gothic rock sound. The four songs EP has this dark, shady aura inspired by this religious Finnish Christian sect from the early 20th century called Kartanoism. -£7

MARCH 15 - OUR LOVE BECOMES A FUNERAL PYRE LP - For its 10th anniversary the EP is finally available on vinyl! In case you`re not familiar with MARCH 15: it`s one of the countless experimental projects by Sami Albert Hynninen (ex-REVEREND BIZARRE) - £9

MAUSER - ISOLATION LP - Massive speed fueled punk madness from Gainesville, FL. Influenced byJapanese killers FRAMTID - £7

MERE PHANTOMS - FAMINE FOR A SLOW DEATH LP - Seven tracks of grinding metallic punk analyzing want, desperation, and blight in the face of hoarded and exploited abundance. “Music for the pillars and workers of the gears.” Mere Phantoms play hardcore with politically and socially conscious lyrics, and on "Famine For a Slow Death" are conceptually in line with the best elements of 90's hardcore, but through a sonic filter more akin to Orchid, Catharsis, or Thou. Featuring electronics by Nyodene D and other secret commies from the Rustbelt. - £10

MINDKULT - LUCIFER'S DREAM LP - One-man band Mindkult have taken the heaviness of stoner and doom metal and infused it with shoegaze and post-punk sensibilities. The end result finds the band — everything played by multi-instrumentalist Fowst — balancing between heaviness and floating melodies.- £9

MONARCH - DIE TONIGHT LP - Two new songs clocking at ca. 20 minutes each, starting off where the « speak of the sea » ones left. Very similar in sound and shape, sort of a continuation.An apocalyptical, suffocating and terrifying sound which emanates from their Sunno and Sovtek amps, from their impossible-tempo war drums, and from the ripping throat of the warrior queen. Nonetheless Monarch have been compared to the legends of this genre (Corrupted, Burning Witch, Sunno, etc.) - £10

MONARCH - OMENS LP - 34 minutes of drone and eerie moans building to lurching drums and strings accented by harsh screams ending with haunting vocals & drones. Funeral dirge builds adding juxtapositional angelic tones. Ugly drone, dark whispers, screeches erratic yells and then slowly ends as it begun! -£10

NEGATIVE STANDARDS - FETTERS LP - a bulldozer attack, mixing the meanest parts of sludge, blackened crust... adding noise and some black metal riffing, that's the bastard-son called negative standards. Additional Noise by A.C. Way of SUTEKH HEXEN - £7

OMMADON - EMPATHY FOR THE WICKED LP - Boasting just one earth-rupturing track broken into two parts, Empathy For The Wicked was recorded live, mixed by OMMADON and mastered by recording legend, Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Eyehategod, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth etc.), who gave it the final crushing touches it deserves. - £7

OMMADON - END TIMES LP - This band is so beyond heavy, they take monolithic doom to the NEXT LEVEL. Insanely heavy doom / drone - £10

OPEN TOMB - DEAD WEIGHT LP - Torturously slow, horribly heavy, doom-infused sludge from the New Zealand 3-piece. If you could slow down the records of compatriot's Meth Drinker to 15rpm then you wouldn't be a million miles away from Open Tomb's ugly sound. - £6

PHOBIA/ PLUTOCRACY LP - Split original released in 2001. Phobia with four live tracks and Plutocracy with 8 live attacks - £8

PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND - LOWGAZERS LP - Majestically ominous black metal from France. If you're even remotely a fan of Deathspell Omega, you will NOT want to miss this album! - £10

PLF - ULTIMATE WHIRLWIND OF INCINERATION LP - unrelenting grind outfit that's been melting faces since 1998. This band constructs music that's loaded with manic and complex thrash riffs that mix with intense and violent drum bursts with blown out bass chaos throughout. - £10

PRIMITIVE MAN / NORTHLESS LP - 2 of the heaviest bands around! Total crushing doom/sludge - £10

THE PROCESS - THE COVENANT OF THE COSMOS LP - Invoking the spirit of early Ringworm and Integrity, The Process reduce all to ash with a deadly mixture of speed, metallic brutality and induced mosh-mayhem, this is the posthumous album from Scotland's purveyors of Illuminati influenced holy terror. Features ex-members of Shank, Scatha and In Decades Decline. - £6

PSUDOKU - DEEP SPACE PSUDOKUMENT LP - Deep Space Psudokument" is a code name of the third album interplanetary project PSUDOKU. The development of futuristic 70's progressive grind continues, and this time surf rock, doom and electronic classical is incorporated. This is progressive grind that has time travelled backwards an entire year from the future. A must have for fans of THE MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA, KING CRIMSON, NAKED CITY, NAPALM DEATH, MR. BUNGLE, ANTIGAMA. - £10

PYRRHON - WHAT PASSES FOR SURVIVAL LP - avant-garde extreme metal quartet PYRRHON return with What Passes For Survival. Dense, volatile, and drenched in manic ferocity, What Passes For Survival is an aural challenge that refuses to adhere to genre conventions, merging strategic orchestrated bursts of death metal chaos with expanses of unhinged improvisation - £10

RECREANT - ST LP - dark HC/crust with harsh late 90's style screamo. It has dark emotional power but never cease pounding with crushing heaviness and hints of metal. Intense dual vocals - £3

REGLER – Regel #9 Blues LP - ULTRA REPETITIVE HEAVY DIRGE. One long track spread over both sides. REGLER have deconstructed horrible noise in the guise of deconstructing the blues. Bludgeoning riff over and over and over, with some other bits sprinkled on top. Edition of 120.

RESPIRE – GRAVITY AND GRACE LP - epic post-hardcore, screamo, and black metal FFO - GYBE, Old ASoul, Fall of Efrafa - £9

THE REMEMBERABLES - ST LP - members of Coke Bust, Walk the Plank, etc.), from Washington D.C., deliver a modern blend of grunge, power pop and fuzzy 90s alternative, reminiscent of Superchunk, Weezer, & Dinosaur Jr., on their infectious debut album. Seven blistering tracks serve as a perfect accompaniment for your summer drive -- windows down, hair blowing, engine roaring fast down endless highways. In other words - loud, refreshing and catchy as hell. - £7

REPERCUSSIONS - 11 SONGS LP - think Poison Idea with the guy from Coldsweat on vocals through the filter of Rorschach - £3

RORCAL - CREON 2LP - Three years after the monstrous and blackened VILAGVEGE, RORCAL reveils another face of the beast, with a new full length entitled CREON. A 50 minute concept piece, these four hellish tracks detail the an epic story of four well known Greek characters linked to Creon. Furious, but also melodic, these new songs display a wild range of atmosphere through progressive structures and brilliant song writing. Punishing blast beats, heavy riffs, possessed vocals; everything is here reunited to create a new level of insanity in the field of extreme music. This 4th full length, recorded over three days in live conditions by Steph Kroug and mixed in Sweden by Daniel Bergstrand, is an inimmitable sonic journey. - £13

ROT IN HELL / PSYWARFARE LP - dark noise inflected holy terror split. Psywarfare is Dwids noise project. - £8

RWAKE - A STONE, A LEAF AND UNFOUND DOOR LP +DVD - Record of Rwake's Maryland Death Fest performance from 2012. Includes a DVD of David Hall's surreal live concert movie. "A Stone, A Leaf an Unfound Door." - £11

SATAN - UN DEUIL INDIEN LP - Awesome grinding Black Metal, great french lyrics, mixed and mastered by Steve Austin (Today is the day). Great raw sound, raw riffs and excruciating vocals - £8

SCHISOPHASIA - 3000 LP - 2nd LP of this canadian horde. An absurd mix of PHSYCeDELIC japanese NoisePunk, Industrial, GBH, Mad Max und Super Mario Brothers. Side one contains Confuse / Disorder-style Noisecore, Side B dark, classic Industrial Noise like early SPK or mid-70's THROBBING GRISTLE. - £9

SCREEN WIVES - WOMEN IN LOVE LP - Neato heavy and awkward post-hardcore that arguably sits alongside fellow youthful UK bands like Skylark, Plaids, Kind Eyes, Wooderson and Shield Your Eyes that have their roots in that 90’s US Gravity Records-esque (proper) emo scene. Discordance and twistiness abounds with a quintessentially British oddness to it. - £2

SELVA - DOMA LP - Doma is an amazing EP that’s filled with hauntingly depressive chords flying over well-dosed blast beats, with poignant screams that chill the bones. Yes, it does draw comparisons to Rorcal, but in a good way. - £7

SEMPITERNAL DUSK / ENCOFFINATION LP - A Monument to the Abyss of Death' spews forth a new and exclusive epic track from each band. ENCOFFINATION offer up a totally miserable dirge with 'Cemetery Earth', their first recording since their 2014 full length 'Hear me, O death'. SEMPITERNAL DUSK give us 'A Salacious Desire for Nothingness' their first recording since their 2014 debut self titled full length and first recording with guitarist VB(Anhedonist/Weregoat). 1 track each side with a total playing time of 30 minutes. - £10

SEX PRISONER - TANNHAUSER GATE LP - 16 tracks of angry and burly powerviolence infused HC with incredibly degenerate mosh parts. Banger - £10

SKYLARK - LP2 LP - Sky:Lark! is a power trio truly worthy of the name. Their second LP is a healthily noisy post-hardcore racket, like Shotmaker, Fugazi, Karp, Hoover and the like, though they transcend their influences to make something all their own. Occasional blasts of sax abound to keep you on your toes. This is the heavy, twisty and weird, like the band members. - £7

SLAVE HANDS - WORLD RID OF ALL LIVING LP - Old school sludge filth from Finland. After two tape releases, a 7" and a split 10" with Cicutoxin, Slave Hands finally offer their debut full-length album and it's a real treat for maniacs who enjoy bands such as Noothgrush, Autopsy or Grief. Nasty, bleak, downtuned, rugged and guaranteed to turn your smile upsidedown. - £9

SLOTH - THE DORK MANT TUB LP - Pulverising fucked up noise / sludge mania - £10

SLOWLY WE ROT - POVERTY OF EXISTENCE LP - Seven tracks of grinding H8000 style Hardcore meets Death and Black Metal from these Belgian bruisers - £6

SLOW WORRIES - ST LP - Musically the songs reference a lot of 90s indie and post-hardcore, think Slant 6/Helium/Treepeople/Fugazi. Lyrically Slow Worries tend to go by the 'the personal is political' credo. Dividing their time between other bands & careers this band is testament to their shared history, friendship and mutual love for classic 90's underground bands. Urgent, catchy and just plain beautiful. - £4

SU19B - WORLD DOOMED TO VIOLENCE LP - Blackend Powerviolence from Tokyo, JAPAN. 10 Brand new Studio Trax Recorded & Mixed Between 2013~2015. These Japanese masterminds play a revolutionary combination of devastating drone/funeral doom in the vein of Ahab or Corrupted interspersed with short, rapid outbursts of Powerviolence/japanese Hardcore fury akin to early Crossed Out. Total 30 mins of blasting Sludge Violence Smash Your Ears! gatefold cover. - £10

SVFFER - EMPATHISE LP - metallic and embittered hardcore punk which knows no boundaries or limits in its reach to annihilate the listener, and which presents us with a boundless hunger to reduce to ash anything which dares to stand in their path. Ex ALPINIST - £9

TEMPEST -ST LP - an exponentially escalating critical mass of violence. Taking screamo, hardcore, grindcore, crust and black metal, Tempest have not just created a sum of the four, they have created a senseless and lawless multiplication of each one of their influences into a raging war zone of aggression. The rhythms are so tight, violent and hostile that at times you feel like this band’s music has you in a fatal chokehold. The riffs are so heavy, and there are so many of them stacked in a mere minute of every song, that you feel like you are constantly drowning under the sheer force of their brutality.- £7

THOU - THE HOUSE PRIMORDIAL LP - new thoo boom - £15

THOU / MOLOCH LP - Reissue with updated artwork for the 2017 Friendship tour - £10

THOU - HEATHEN 2LP - NOLA diy doom - amazing - £16

THOU - CEREMONIES OF HUMILIATION 3LP - collection of all of the band’s musical output from split releases prior to the release of their mammoth 2010 opus ‘Summit’. That means all of Thou’s contribution to their splits with Black September, Leech, Mohoram Atta, Salome and Haarp are all accounted for in this triple vinyl set. - £23

THROAT - SHORT CIRCUIT LP - Throat tips the fur-brimmed hat in that direction, other important short-circuited touchstones include Trance Syndicate, and the early, raw nastiness churned out by both Blast First and Sub Pop, but with more groove, and more loud/quiet/loud/weird/loud dynamics. The lumberjack thud of early Tad, and the spatial bleakness of mid period Neurosis come to mind. - £8

THURM - SELF-TITLED LP - THURM is a brand new band with with (ex-)members of Anteater and Amber. This 12" vinyl record is the first record from them. You will get epic, brutal and apocalyptic music which will blast you right away. Black Metal meets Hardcore. For fans of Rorcal, Hexis, Celeste - £8

TIDELAND - ASLEEP IN THE GRAVEYARD LP - EX PG.99, hazy melodic sonic assault, caustic vocals pouring over grungy/poppy punk like poison syrup - £4

TOETAG - ST LP - Blane Cooke (verbal killing machine ) has returned with two other ex Accüsed ‎members (Alex Maggot Brain & Steve "O' Ring Nelson"), good old eighties splatterpunk - £4

TRANSATLANTIC RATS ATOM / BIRDEYE LP - Transatlantic Rat's Atoms music feels somehow weird. Twisted and heavy groovy PsychDoom from two thirds of Ufo Gestapo (RIP). Occasional sax, clarinet, harp and keyboards give their side of the split a slight jazzy dissonant feeling. It rises from the heavy rocking ground to some spacy, but dirty and drony feel, and then again rocks and waves one heavy like being in a space capsule, where history and phrases flow by and mean something nothing. Second songs name "Rise Reverse in the Middle of Nowhere" speaks this well. Warm and distantly cold the same time. BirdEye have gently and humbly taken the b-side. But this is none other than Edgy Burning Witch's new band. Evil and psychedelic in its own inimitable way. The music is organic but noisy. Is this Doom with Ambient parts? Whatever. The heavy songs splay soundscapes of trippy mental states (song title "Hivemind" points in that direction), that appear pathological and disturbing but are cleansing. - £9

TRIAC / SICK TIRED LP - An unholy pairing of Baltimore's Triac and Chicago's Sick/Tired and To Live A Lie's first split LP record release. The split is the best material to date of either band. Triac brings to the table their patented no-nonsense darkened grind hardcore that makes you feel a little uneasy. They are kind of like a Nails that would let you be one of them. Sick/Tired unleash their grindiest material that seems almost inspired by Triac. They still weave in some grind violence and the opening track is almost a mincecore song. A perfect pairing for 5pm when you're off work, sitting in rush hour traffic, and done with the day and people. Play this at max volume and your day will melt away. - £10

TRIAC / D.O.C. LP - Triac (Baltimore) delivers furious grindcore; on this record appears their new singer. Triac features members of Hatewaves, Blower, Jesus of Nazareth. Disciples of Christ (D.O.C.) features Members of Magrudergrind, Coke Bust, Sick Fix, and Juice Time; they do it noisier and filthier and a bit more power violence oriented; a mix of sludge, grind, and powerviolence. -£10

UNDERDARK - MOURNING CLOAK LP - Blackgaze?? Black metal / screamo / post metal!...... but bloody good debut. FFO Envy, Deafheaven - £9

UNEARTHLY TRANCE - IN THE RED LP - a hellish din, where doom and gloom are always served with repetitive sludge riffs and monotonous Melvins-esque vocals. This record is pretty disgusting, the music is drawn out to a peak and the guitars are tuned low. They bring bands like Burmese, Warhorse, EyeHateGod and at times Electric Wizard to mind, but there seems to be a massive Melvins influence too - £10

UNYIELDING LOVE - THE SWEAT OF AUGURY LP - Savage and ruinous blackened noisegrind from Belfast, Northern Ireland. A firestorm of swarming hatred that can not be stopped. Total fucking bedlam.- £10

VA - THE FEW AND THE PROUD - TRIBUTE TO NEGATIVE FX LP - cover versions are done by Extortion, 86 Mentality, Terminal state, Voorhees,
Nailed Down, Voetsek, Reproach, Ruination - £5

VA - GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE LP - some of the early 90ies legends (Born Against, Merel, Native Nod, Avail and Rorschach) together with some bands who never got much attention (Groove, Shadowman or Greyhouse); Rorschach hack themselves through the King Crimson classic, Native Nod (pre-Van Pelt, The Lapse, Ted Leo...) help to strengthen their position as a blueprint for every knee sliding freak and Born Against take the biscuit once more. CLASSIC (USED) - £10

VERMIN WOMB - DECLINE LP - No bullshit grinding death metal with dissonant black metal murkiness, war metal savagery and sludgy breakdowns. Members of Primitive Man. - £10

VILE CREATURE - CAST OF STATIC & SMOKE LP - Punishing, feedback-riddled sludge riffs and pummelling rhythms collide with dual vocal exorcisms on this dystopian concept album - £10

VOID OMNIA - DYING LIGHT LP - Behold, another document of
extreme metal splendor coming once again from within the gut of the ever so magnificent East Bay Area’s extreme metal/punk underground – further evidence that something truly special is always happening here and that things almost seem to be shrouded in a constant spell of musical and creative ecstasy. Void Omnia are a new atmospheric black metal band from Oakland that feature current and former members of Mutilation Rites, Tombs, Apocryphon, Infinite Waste, Ulthar and many more local and non-local underground acts, and they play some of the most mesmerizing and shape-shifting atmospheric melodic black metal to ever come out of the Bay. With a sound that borrows equally from the cascadian black metal tradition (WITTR, Skagos, Addaura, Agalloch, Velnias), and from the far away, distant and more “exotic” austral hemisphere black metal tradition (namely Woods of Desolation and Encircling Sea), Void Omnia have crafted something of truly soul-shattering intensity – music that has made of sonic vastness, trance-inducing songwriting, and pulverizing buildups an irreplaceable dogma. - £10

VYST - BAD NEWS TRAVELS SLOWLY LP - ex glasses / perth express - a more brutal version of perth express; 4 songs & a screenprinted b-side - £3

WAKE - LEECHES LP - blastbeats, sludgy midtempo parts, doublebass machinegunfire and sometimes melodic crusty outbursts into a fresh own style. With the brutal wall of sound, mixed and mastered by Scott Hull - £8

WAR EMBLEM - CONSTANT DEFEAT LP - Philly hardcore punk band featuring members of Off Minor, Kill The Man Who Questions, Saetia, xDyingx, etc. Their debut LP is a 15 song testament to music as a weapon; the soundtrack to a protest. Relying heavily on punishing blasts of of crusty hardcore, acid-tongued lyrics, and some nods to 90's punk - £9

WATCHCRIES - WRAITH LP - Wraith picks up where their self-titled debut EP left off. Pushing boundaries and expanding on their sound with a caustic mixture of crusty, swaggering metallic hardcore, sludge and grind with elements of death and black metal, Wraith sees Watchcries sounding more ferocious than ever before. - £9

WEAK TIES - ST LP - Debut album by raging new powerviolence band from bielefeld, features members from other quality bands like UNRU and Sømerset. Think PUNCH vs. HOLY in Charles Bronson’s garage! - £9

WHITEHORSE / UPYR LP - New doom / sludge split. Massive horrfying doom from Whitehorse and brutal metallic sludge from Upyr - £9

WILDERNESSKING - MYSTICAL FUTURE LP - Cape Town black metal collective. Bold, dramatic, & at times, serene take on the ever-evolving sound of Metal. Moments of sheer sonic rage & tempest-born vocals meet quiet, harmonious elements that are capable of soothing even the most savage beast. - £10

WILT - MOVING MONOLITHS LP - a stunning slab of blackened doom metal, or doomed black metal, whatever you prefer. The truth will once again be somewhere in the middle, but rest assured, this is one bleak and haunting album, loaded with despair, sorrow and heartbreak. This is one to play loud while falling down on your knees and spewing out all frustrations, anger and fear. This is something for the darkest regions of your inner-self - £10

WODE - ST LP - Prior to this LP, the band's only output was a 2011 demo cassette. This sole recording, showcasing WODE's singular and thrilling approach to black metal and the quality and thoughtfulness poured into every track, earned the group stagetime along heavyweights like Liturgy, Tombs, Black Anvil, and Bast.
Six tracks of apocalyptic black metal, WODE's newest record unleashes five years of outstanding potential, finding the band on deadly form, wielding enough surprises to suggest that its work in service to the counter-cosmos is far from done. - £9

WOE - HOPE ATTRITION LP - The absolute pinnacle of USBM. Ferocious, blistering tremolos at the forefront of everything with a burning punk edge is what makes great American Black Metal - £10

WOLVON - EASE LP - Heavy guitar walls. Loads of hair. Pounding drums and distortion. Beards. All coming together in dreamy pop melodies. Indie. Or shoegaze if that matters to you. Jumping on the bandwagon. Though i’m more intimidated by everything they have and i lack. Wolvon is a live force. So good it needs to be heard and seen. It took a little over a year and a few drummers to complete this new lp. Nine tracks of beauty, madness and brilliance - £3

WOMAN IS THE EARTH - THAW LP - Pushing their imagination across landscapes made of shimmering shoegaze, post-rock & dreadful abysses of darkened punk & obsidian black metal. FFO Oathbreaker, Wolves In The Throne Room, Fen, Converge, Hexis - £10